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The Real Threat to Coastal Fishing

The saltwater angling community is doing victory laps after finally gaining some parity with its commercial competition in federal management circles. It’s a well-deserved celebration after a long, uphill battle. But now it’s time to take on the real threat to its future, a challenge that will ma……

Wild Game Recipe: Try a Pickle Juice Brine

scoutingbuck deer

Like a lot of game meats, wild turkey gets a bad rap for being difficult to cook. Much of this negative reputation comes from the tendency of hunters to overcook their meat, but I’ll admit cooking any wild bird does come with a challenge. Wild turkey meat has a tendency to dry out quickly when subjected to high heat due to the limited amount of fa…..

Classic Deer Guns and Crapshoot Accuracy

favoritedeer rifle

Generally speaking, today’s rifles are much more accurate than yesterday’s, which leads people to think that the old guns can’t shoot. Many can’t, for sure. But some can. I have a Savage 99 in .300 Savage that shoots just over a minute of angle and a Remington Model 141 in .35 Rem. that shoots just under. I got lucky w…..