Gunfight Friday: Mini-14 vs M1 Carbine

Mini 14, while moonshiner David “Carbine” Williams came up with the basis for the M1 while serving time in prison.


The Mini-14 is one of my favorites. It has that Garand style gas-operated bolt/operating rod that reminds me of my dad’s M-1. And I like the fact that it is wood and steel. There are folks who say the AR-15s are more accurate, and it’s probably so, but this one will shoot 2 to 3 inches at 50 yards with my bulk-bullet reloads while shooting fairly quickly. It is plenty accurate for me and also has the reputation of being super-reliable and working in conditions that will cause an AR to choke.

This one supposedly started life as a California Highway Patrol rifle and spent its time in the trunk of a patrol car. It’s a bit beat up, but the barrel and action show very little wear. I put a 2.5x compact scope on it and also I added a Williams peep sight that slides into the dovetail at the rear of the receiver that works well, too.


The M1 Carbine was bought from a friend who carried one from 1957 to 1961 in Southeast Asia. He lived next door, and I paid about $100 for it and have never looked back. It was made by Iver Johnson after World War II, but the parts are interchangeable with the military grade carbines. It’s a big boy’s .22, a lot of fun and the kids’ favorite rifle to shoot.

There are your choices.  Vote and add your comments below. Keep those gun pictures coming Last week’s Pledge Drive netted a number of new pictures, including Eugene’s Mini-14, but more pictures makes for more and better gun fights.

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