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Deer Hunt Seasons Announcing the Deer Shotgun Champ By March(ish) Madness

Instead, you have voted for the 870 fair and square (and shoved our online editor a bit farther down the knife’s edge of life).

Personally, if I were just out to kill another deer, I’d take the Savage 220. If I were out to rekindle my snuffed spark of romanticism, I’d probably take the Ithaca, too. But I have nothing against the 870, especially the older ones that I own. It was a predictable winner. Chalk, as usual. But it is, after all, an American icon. So, all hail.

Wish Granted: Fly-Fishing Fairy Godmother Awards “Do-It-Yourself Bonefishing” Book

Do-it-Yourself Bonefishing,” which I do believe to be one of the best bonefishing books ever written to airbornedoc, who said: “I wish there was a snow cone holder on my wading belt.”

I just got to thinking about casting on a hot summer day, and having a snow cone attached to my wading belt, and I thought, “Now there is a good wish!” Who wouldn’t want to fish with a snow cone? That’s pure fantasy, and that earns a book.

Granted, there were many funny answers. (I really liked Cermele saying he wished that I did birthday parties… if this writing thing ever doesn’t work out, I could a backup plan.)  I also liked po2p7so’s “I wish they would start testing for HGH in these Miss USA pageants.”

I will be granting a bonus wish to Micropterus24, who asked: “I wish to never again see Kirk Deeter in a dress.”

Poof. Done. Ain’t ever gonna happen again. You’re welcome.

Black Bear Hunting Attacks Florida Woman in Her Garage

eating her garbage. One attacked her, biting her head. The bear tried to drag Frana away but she escaped into the house.

She also sustained bite marks to the arm and leg and claw marks on her back. She required 30 staples and 10 stitches to close the wounds to her head. Frana is expected to make a full recovery.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials said the bite and claw marks may help them to identify the aggressive bear, which they will euthanize if they are successful in trapping it.

The attack occurred in the same day the FWC issued a warning that mother bears and cubs would become more active with the coming of spring weather. As human populations expand in central Florida, conflicts between people and bears are on the rise. Lake Mary is in Seminole County, which recorded 44 bear nuisance reports last year.

How To Learn From Those Rare Days When It Seems Bass Will Hit Anything

But when I’m treated to an all out frenzy of bass fishing, I use it as a learning tool that helps me greatly on those more common slow days.

Fast and furious bass action should trigger you to start tweaking baits and rigs right away, even if the worm or crank or spinnerbait you already have tied on seems to be doing a fine job. There is no better time to test new lures than during super-insane feeding windows, because if they don’t bite it when they’re biting virtually anything, chances are you don’t want to fish it when they have lockjaw.

This goes deeper, however, than just figuring out if ravenous bass will eat new lures. I use these scenarios to note statistics. For example, say you’re going to test artificial frogs among a school of crazed bass on a stretch of lily pads. The colors of the frogs you choose, and the action necessary to get bit often are surely important, but what you may want to look at are factors like strike to landing ratio, or how well the lure holds up after being trashed. In the particular case of frogs, I use a heavy bass feeding window to help me alter stock hook orientations towards better hook penetrating angles. It’s a fine tweak, but necessary to have worked out for when I pick up that same frog during a tough bite. Otherwise, even something as simple as making a certain size hook lay perfectly on your plastic worm, allowing for both the optimal worm action and hook gap/worm relationship, is a very important process to work through. My point is, if you throw the same Texas-rigged lizard and it’s rigged the same way every time you show up to the slugfest, you may be missing out on what an action packed day could teach you.

I Have Pressing Business Elsewhere

to a tragedy. The military, when I was in it, dealt decisively with unsafe gun handling on the range. You would be spoken to immediately and forcefully, and might find yourself scrubbing pots in the messhall overnight to remind you to keep the muzzle pointed downrange.

In the civilian world, you can’t yell “Hey numbn**ts, point that damn thing at me again and I’ll beat you to death with it,” even though you may want to. If there’s a range officer handy, point out to him that the nitwit on bench number so-and-so is a menace to life and limb and let the range officer handle it. Do not wait to do this. Do not persuade yourself that it’s none of your business and you don’t want to make a scene. It is your business.

If there is no range officer around, it’s up to you. Be polite. Remember that everyone here is armed. Say, “Pardon me, sir, but I couldn’t help notice that you’re jacking rounds into the chamber with the muzzle pointed up in the air where it can shoot over the berm and kill someone in the next township if the rifle should go off accidentally.”

Nine times out of ten the offender will correct himself. If he does not, pack up and leave. You’ve done all you can. If there’s someone you can report the incident to, do so. I’ve walked off ranges, out of at least two hunts, and off one trap meet when the guy next to me put a charge of shot in the ground right in front of my foot.

If I should be invited to a quail hunt where Mr. Cheney was present, I would remember I had pressing business elsewhere, and leave in a hell of a hurry.